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For more information about Wisconsin Dart Leagues and WAMO, you can visit the WAMO website at

16 Summer League
6 games Cricket/6 games 301/1 game 501, Start May 25th, 7pm, 1/2 grace period. $3.00 per person plus games. Open subs per bar. 90 second shot clock. Will play 1 round of round robin, then split into upper and lower division,
16-17 Tuesday Cricket
MEETING NOTES: Start on Sept 27th at 7:30pm with ˝-hour leeway. Start with Fresh handicaps. Play with a team once, that is your team. 70/30 payback. Play everyone once, then split into divisions. The player’s fees are $2/person + cost of games. Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year’s OFF. Will text captains at half way point about splitting if necessary. All games from first round must be made up before the split or it is a forfeit for the home team. League will end in April. Please call the captain ˝ hour prior to cancellation if necessary. If a call is made before the ˝ hour, the game will be rescheduled. If after the ˝ hour it is a forfeit. 3 no calls, no shows and your team is kicked out of the league with no pay. Captains must communicate for any makeups, cancellations etc, so please be sure your phone number is up to date on the captains list. NO NICKNAMES, enter full first and last names at the board for subs. You may not play under anyone else’s name. If this happens it will be a forfeit for the team. Have your team registrations in no later than Sept 16th.
16-17 Wednesday 301
MEETING NOTES: Start on Sept. 28th at 7:30 with ˝-hour leeway. End by April 19th. Start with last year’s handicap for week 1. If a handicap needs to be input for week 2, then contact Sarah @ 715-456-4173 the day before. No handicaps entered after week 2. Captain to Captain agreement for subs rescheduling etc. Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year’s OFF. Pay in is the same with $3/person + cost of games. If you are caught cheating, you are out of the league! 2nd time you shoot with a team that is the team you must be on and you may not sub for another team. Sub handicap is 3 darts; the max darts is 6 darts. Add a 17th game of team cricket. This will be 4 players with 1 score. Payout of 60/40. Per vote, we are going back to the old handicap we had a few years ago. 90 second shot clock. NO NICKNAMES. You may not shoot under another player’s name; this is cause for forfeit for the team. Enter the subs first and last name. Have your team registrations in no later than Sept 16th.
16-17 Thursday Chicago Style
League description
16-17 Southern League
League description

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